9D6A5567 kopieOff late we have published some huge long-read interviews with the driving forces behing de Zeeuwse Huiskamer: Arend Roos en Petra de Braal. They said some profound things about the nature of the project that made us immediately want to share their views with you in English as well. However, the texts are long and it may take us a while to get round to sharing it all with you, so here we have some snippets of our conversations with them. Because we just can’t wait to share their views with you, but also as a kind of teaser; a way of letting you know what de Zeeuwse Huiskamer is about. Enjoy!

Arend: Organisations tend to look at problems from their own perspective. This makes it hard for them to listen to a client or patient without bias. That is what de Zeeuwse Huiskamer does. You hardly ever hear the true needs of a patient. That is why we infiltrate communities and enter people’s personal lives. It is where we discover the real stories and find out what is really needed

Petra: There is a huge gap between (care industry) parties and people’s daily lives. That gap is exactly what we are interested in. We try and stimulate communication.

Arend: De Zeeuwse Huiskamer is  an approach that stimulates discussion of innovation and adaptations as well as the consideration of own processes.

Petra: Once you start talking to people, you encounter all kinds of themes. Dementia is something that always comes up quickly because it has a huge impact on living at home longer. The same goes for cancer. That used to be a hospital disease, but now more and more patients stay at home and knowledge on that particular issue is lacking.

More to come!