Location: Weidezicht 33, Goes

Residence: A flat in Goes-Zuid (Goes South) close to amenities such as a super market and fairly close to Goes’ city centre. The building comprises rental flats. It is a big flat with two bedrooms and a big living room (about ten by four meters) with an open kitchen. The residence has been made wheelchair accessible and lines of sight take in the flat take wheelchair users in account. Both the front and back of the flat have direct light and the flat looks out onto nature and ‘polders’.

-Find out through people with need for care what is required in the field of care and experiment with this.
-Through these people questions in the field of living and more social aspects are looked into as well.

Target Audience:
– People in need of care who live independently, but may not be able to do so any longer in about two years time if no adjustments are made.

Project Partners: DELTA NV, Gemeente Goes, RWS, SPAZ, SVRZ

Project Manager: Peter Oskam